In 2019, Faversham Pools embarked on a journey to improve its infrastructure, aiming to enhance the swimming experience for all. Since then and with the support of grants and fundraising the Pools have been able to completely overhaul their plant infrastructure which has helped reduce their carbon footprint and improve longer-term stability.  

In 2019, the Pools replaced their boiler following several successful grant applications to Sport England, Swale Borough Council, and Valencia Communities Fund through the Landfill Communities Fund. However, despite a successful installation, the Pools faced a challenge, the old pipe work. Connecting a new boiler to old pipework proved to be a problem, leading to inconsistent shower water pressures and temperatures. There was also a need to improve water flow through the building for all users and ensure the pool remains a compliant facility considering financial pressures.  

In April 2023, following a successful funding bid, the Pools were awarded a grant of almost £45,000 from the Valencia Communities Fund for a second time. Now as the project reaches completion, General Manager, Jon Lazenby says:  

With thanks to this grant, we have installed a booster set for the cold-water supply around the building, new pipework and an expansion vessel which are now the most important parts of the water system in the building. We can now supply the correct 3 bar pressure needed to provide the whole facility with a constant supply of water. With the previous boiler install, this now gives a constant supply of hot water, at the correct temperature to prevent legionella. Previously, we would struggle to fulfil demand at times, now we can run all showers at once along with toilets and sinks without compromise. The work completed on the outdoor changing rooms has restored functionality, enabling us to provide alternative toilets and sinks in the height of summer or if main building supplies are disrupted. Thanks to Valencia Communities Fund, we have a balanced, happy system and, whilst not necessary visible to our customers, it does mean we can can offer them a more reliable experience.  

Valencia Communities Fund, Operations Manager, Gareth Williams says:  It is great to see that our continuing funding support has enabled the pools to become a more reliable and sustainable community asset.

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