For the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors at Faversham Pools, we have established rules to be followed during public swimming sessions, both indoors and outdoors.

Please familiarise yourself with the following guidelines:

Rules for Indoor and Outdoor Pools:

  1. Unaccompanied children under 10 years of age are not allowed. Each adult over 16 may supervise a maximum of 2 children under 10.
  2. Bathers under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  3. Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited both inside and outside the premises.
  4. Swimwear must be appropriate for a family environment. No shorts hanging below the knee, cut-down jeans, or trousers are allowed.
  5. Activities like sitting on shoulders, which could cause injury to others, are not permitted.
  6. Jumping or performing gymnastics (e.g., cartwheels) in the pool area is not allowed.
  7. No pushing, ducking, fighting, or bullying will be tolerated.
  8. Running and tag games are not permitted within the pool area.
  9. Large inflatables (except for those provided by the Pools), and large rubber rings with handles above 30 inches in diameter are not allowed in the Indoor Pools.
  10. Back dives off the side of the pool are prohibited.
  11. The use of video cameras and cameras requires prior permission from Pools Management in accordance with the photo policy.
  12. No balls are allowed in the Indoor Pool, except for babies’ use.
  13. Beach balls are not allowed in the indoor pools.
  14. Obscene language, gestures, or spitting are strictly forbidden.
  15. Full face masks, snorkels, and fins/flippers are not allowed in the pool area.
  16. Glass bottles or glasses are not permitted for safety reasons.
  17. Jumping off the side and twisting into the water is not allowed.

Additional Rules for Outdoor Pools:

  1. Climbing over the Fun Pool Island is prohibited.
  2. Personal music systems with loud volume are not permitted.
  3. Only two bounces are allowed on the boards.
  4. Running off the top board is not allowed.
  5. Climbing over the Fun Pool wall is strictly prohibited.
  6. Only one person is allowed on the springboard at a time.
  7. Somersaults off the side of the pool are not permitted.
  8. Jumping off the boards is not allowed.
  9. Bombing (jumping) off the boards is strictly prohibited.
  10. Diving off the boards sideways is not allowed.
  11. Back dives off the board are prohibited.

Additional Rules for Indoor Pools:

  1. Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the poolside.
  2. Pushchairs should be left in designated areas and not on the poolside, except for parents with babies and supervised school children.
  3. Using floats for fighting is not permitted.
  4. General swim sessions indoors do not allow diving.

Please adhere to these rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to Faversham Pools for everyone.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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