Faversham Pools has been at the heart of the community for the past 55 years. We welcome nearly a quarter of a million swimmers every year. Local schools, community groups and families have all learned to swim with us - a life-saving service, in a town so closely intertwined with water.

But after all this time, our pools desperately need refurbishment. Essential equipment needs to be replaced. We need to modernise our ageing boiler with a more energy-efficient alternative. This is our first, and main target. Then, we want to make our changing rooms easier for families, and swimmers with disabilities, to use. And we want to introduce innovative new schemes to bring the joy and therapeutic benefits of swimming to as many people as possible.

Your donations will be used towards our new heating system. As well as making the pools much more energy-efficient, the charity will save a considerable amount in annual running costs - which we can then use to improve our user experience.

All supporters will be kept fully abreast of our improvements both on the website, and on our social media pages.