Pace Yourselves with Faversham Pools + Kesson Physio

What is a pace clock?

If you’re thinking of getting more serious about your swimming at Faversham Pools, keeping an eye on the pace clock is one way to do it. Use the pace clock to find your speed, and then challenge yourself with that information. If your times are improving, you’re heading in the right direction!

A pace clock looks like a large traditional clock with seconds written around the outside. They’re designed to be used by coaches and swimmers, and ours also features a digital function. It displays either minutes and seconds and can easily be remotely programmed by our lifeguard team if you would prefer the settings to be different. Just ask!

How can it help me?

The best way to use the clock is to leave the wall when the second hand gets to the top of the clock. Once you’ve reached the opposite wall, glance up and you’ll be able to note how long one length has taken you. You can also use the same principle when swimming intervals and training sets.

Swimming the same routine every time you get in the pool is fine, but to really stretch yourself you need to shake it up a bit. Adding challenges to your swim sessions will bring more purpose to your workouts, and improve your speed, form and technique. Book a lane swimming lesson today and see if you can increase your times – you might surprise yourself!

Pacing yourself

Our new clock is extra large with highly visible numbers, so will be easy to see from wherever you are in the indoor pool. You’ll see it’s covered in a shatterproof case – this is to protect it from the vigorously-flung balls which often result from our Swimming Club and waterpolo training!


Our new clock has been generously supported by Kesson Physio, who’ve diagnosed and treated thousands of people for their physical ailments, back pain or sporting injuries since their inception in 1983. As you’ll see from the clock surround, Kesson Physio encourages its patients to ‘Move Better, Live Better’, and deliver a positive difference to the physical health of its patients.


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