Faversham Swimming Pools Hosts First-Ever Midnight Swim for Summer Solstice and 60th Anniversary Celebration


We are thrilled to announce our first ever “Summer Solstice Midnight Swim” event on Friday, June 21st 9pm-12am in celebration of both the Summer Solstice and the 60th anniversary of its outdoor pool. This unique event invites swimmers to witness the transition from sunset to starlit skies while enjoying a serene swim in the heated outdoor pool.

The event is a highlight in a series of special activities planned this year to commemorate the Pools milestone anniversary, providing a rare opportunity for the public to experience the outdoor pool in a new light, both figuratively and literally, as part of the Pools expanded offerings.

“This will be a special evening,” says General Manager Jon Lazenby. “Not only are we opening the pool late for a general swim for the first time, but we also want to celebrate 60 years of our outdoor pool by offering new and memorable experiences. I hope this event will kickstart finer weather and bring a vibrant, summery atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Imagine the tranquillity of swimming in the heated outdoor pool, with the evening sun setting behind the trees and the stars beginning to sparkle overhead. The Solstice Swim promises a peaceful environment, enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

Join us for this special event and let’s come together to celebrate the summer, the solstice, and 60 wonderful years of outdoor swimming at Faversham Pools.”

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